Dear Readers,

This blog is a compilation of my experiences in dinning, travel and fitness training. As I travel along my journey, let this be the wall where I can rant, exclaim, share and monitor events of my life.

I want to travel. Travel is the most refreshing way to get out of the stress in workplace and to get rid of the f and s uckers of life. Every photograph serves as moment immortalized in a piece of paper where you can look back anytime. Travel also exposes you to different perspective on how people live daily.

I want to write. Every time I write, I can see beauty in words. I am amazed on how great writers compose paragraphs and phrases. It inspires me to become one of them. Their eloquent pens are abundant in ink. They have so much to write in a piece of paper. I want to write everything I feel and every happiness I reached. Transcribing events into words is the greatest experience I want to discover.

I want to live. If you only live once, make it last longer. I want to live a healthy lifestyle. Almost 10 years of my life, I only focused on my education. I only studied and passed tests. This time, I want to change the way I lived before. I want outdoor activities. I want to rush my adrenaline and I want to conquer my fears. I want to feel the pain of work out training, I want to feel the numbing muscles, I want to experience the painful cramps, I want to get bruised, I want to lump all of my strength and I want to break free. That’s why I want to live.

This journey welcomes you to join me. Let us enjoy together. If your have fun-filled experiences may it be in travel, food or lifestyle. Share it and let your story inspire others.

Jan Drei