Green Pasture

Have ever heard the phrase “green pasture”? It’s a famous phrase from a famous Bible verse Psalms 23. What comes into your mind when you say that phrase? Perhaps, you would thought of it as the land of plenty, a hill where green grasses grow all along. I had the same thought at first, but I came to realize the real definition of green pasture.

Green pasture is a type of grass that rarely grows in the wilderness that can be found anywhere in that hill-type desert place. Wilderness is also a place where the almost drought season is becoming eminent, but here comes the humid air that kisses the ground, it nourishes rare plants to survive and grow. Green pasture is a food of the sheep where their shepherd leads them to eat. I saw a documentary video discussing the phrase green pasture, I came to realized that I was given the answer to my prayers (shepherd leads the sheep to green pastures) and still goofing around to look for another answer. Just like in a saying that goes: What you see depends on what you look for. I looked for the green pasture, but it’s already in front of me yet I refused to eat. I was dumbfounded when the researcher gave an illustration about God and the green pasture. He said that God is our shepherd and we are the lambs looking for the green pasture. He leads us and taught us just to survive the day, but still discontentment rules our hearts. Like in the wilderness, we will never find our own green pasture without his guidance and the worst thing was we went lost looking for green pasture we thought of as the land of plenty when in fact it doesn’t exist in the wilderness and the end point of it, we get tired and failed.

Maybe, the lesson is to keep on trusting God. No matter how hard, how difficult and how impossible are the situations we are facing. Life is a tough job to live and a sweet thing to be thankful of. I believe that God never forgets our hard work and he knows how to reward them. Maybe, the forging process takes time under the heat to furnish the right shape. Maybe building resistance takes courage and a heavy gut to handle struggles. Maybe this is just how life should be lived. Just to survive the day journey.

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