What happens next

Knowledge is taking in facts and events while wisdom is the application of what you know and what you have understand.

Philanthropists who are the epitome of success have been so busy building empire, raising career and gaining wealth. It was quite amusing to hear some words of wisdom from the thoughts of a multi-billionaire man whom people thought of as the man of success. What does really the word success means? Is it the billions of savings, hectares of lands, towering mansions or should I say the fame. Isn’t it the contentment, joy, comfort amidst life’s trials that we have been battling every day? For me success is when the purpose of what you have been made of is fulfilled or when things are slowly being positioned to their own right place, after all, life is a mess. And so, we went back to the real purpose of our very existence.

On the final moments of Steve Jobs, he was lying in his sick bed while sharing some realizations in life. Where in that moment, he truly manifested the wisdom of life. On those series of thoughts, he said, “Now I know, when we have accumulated sufficient wealth to last our lifetime, we should pursue other matters that are unrelated to wealth…” quite disturbing, but it felt surreal like really? These words are coming from the mouth of a person whom we thought of as the most successful in the field of technology and business. Maybe those things unrelated to wealth are great problems, lawsuits, and worst terminal sickness. Lots of things keep on playing in my mind. Series of what ifs and assumptions for the future. And it also makes me realize if the things that I have been so busy right now will it be worth it someday. I am afraid of the future, but I guess everyone’s with me. We are all taking the blind flight to the future.

Old books written by great historians, self-help books or any books with religious reflections are rooted on a significant experience. They are meant to share wisdom coming from their very own mistakes. I don’t want to think deeper than what I know, it seems that everything’s a mind fuck. You think you’re better today, but here comes tomorrow it seems that you want to jump off the bridge and swim deeper until you’re drowned. As what Dom of Fast and the Furious said, “We only live a quarter mile at a time.”  I have a thought in mind, should the every morning that we wake up is a success to consider?  Some people never woke up, and for some sleep is luxurious commodity they can’t afford. I actually wrote this article just to share the quote I read about Steve Jobs final words. Maybe, those were just his rants after he realized that he didn’t live. More of regrets than inspiration. We cannot take away the diligence and the hard work he devoted just to reach the peak of success. Maybe, working all by our strength in a short lifetime is too strenuous to exhaust our limited time, energy and effort. Why not ask for God’s help?

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