Manila China Town, Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines declares it as holiday, people tagged it as Labor Day and for me, it’s an adventurous day. Quarter to twelve when the car’s engine heated. This means another road mileage to hitch and another batch of selfies to upload. Actually, I was planning a lazy kind of Labor Day, a typical finale for a long weekend that started from Thursday (April 29, 2017). What I did was to copy movie series from a friend and reserve it for viewing while having lazy rest on my bed. However, this day caught me unaware of a certain trip, so I joined a troupe of friends for a Chinese-food haunting. We went to Manila Lucky China town to fulfill the itinerary, we ate a lot of steamed dumplings, shomai, roasted duck, shrimps, butchi, noodles and etc. coupled with some classic tea. Our goal was to try every famous establishments and not to contain ourselves on a single restaurant where we will be going out with our stomachs full. Along the trip, I took pictures and it amazes me on how the streets would look like the same in Hong Kong.


The streets were full of Chinese traders, Chinese characters on every banners and at the same time we would smell the scent of ginseng on every restaurant we pass by. The trip was not that expensive, actually the food we ordered were shared and good for six (6) big eaters. It was a fun time to appreciate and to try other cultures. For the way other races lived are reflected on how they cook food. One thing I would say about Chinese, they live simplicity while luxury is just in the corner. I hope I could adopt such character. This time, travel is not about looking for instagramable food or architectural breakthrough, maybe sometimes it’s about learning a new culture. Once again, to people who served us with delicious food, Xie Xie ni. Wu an.



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