Why you feel empty

Here’s the thing, we feel empty because we overlook the richness of our identity. The very unique feature of what we are made of and the purpose of our existence. Instead of honing our identity, we look up to other’s function. It’s just like you are after the garbage of your neighbor. Your neighbor’s function might be the same as yours, but don’t overlook the fact that he’s different from you. We tend to copy what our neighbor is busy doing at, and we convince ourselves that if we could have what he has, we’re going to feel the security that we are wanting. We forgot the root where we came from. We align our perception with the society and we wanted to fit in. To quote what Steve Jobs has said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma- which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of the other’s opinion drown you out your own voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

From the very first heartbeat that pumped when you we’re a baby, your identity has been established. We grow and went passed the so-called paradox of time. Don’t you remember the first time you suffered the burning sensation of the bruise you got from a clumsy run? The first heart-break and the first achievement you’ve got?  These are the blocks that developed and created ourselves. The blocks that stood still over time from heavy rain up to the scorching challenges of life. These are our “pieces of me” being put on a jigsaw puzzle and created the picture of what and who we are right now.

There are times we asked ourselves why we feel empty. The feeling that we tend to set a goal saying that if we reached these, we would be happy and contented in life. Upon ticking those check list, we came to realize that those were not enough and we keep on getting back the past decision we made that created so much regrets in the present. Human as we are, we are rational. We will never have satisfaction and we will always look beyond the borders of what we have.

Always bear in mind that our identity is different from our function. Identity is the backbone of what we really are. It is our ultimate substance that will never change regardless of what we do. It is being manifested in every helix intricately woven in our DNA. We tend to confuse ourselves between Identity and function. Function is the act where we devote our time, talent and treasures. It is also an haven where we develop our passion and skills. It is also the place where imperfection naturally comes in. It is true, because people will always have learning curve in every task that they do, but we cannot deny the fact that we commit mistakes, we fell down and sometimes we dive and drown into the waves of its system.

You should listen to your heart and accept your identity. Your identity is what the world is waiting for, they’re already sick of the clichés and pretentions that the society tolerates. If you would feel lonely, always remember you are not alone. It’s just a moment and a tossed emotion, soon it will pass. As what Akeelah (of Akeelah and the bee movie) has said, “We asked ourselves, who am I to be brilliant?” and she answered back, “Actually, who am I not to be?” we are made to manifest the glory of God that’s within us, and as we let our light shine before men, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. You are born as a champion. From millions of head-tails swimming through a fluid, it was you who made the cut and penetrated the circle of what we call life. The reason of your first heartbeat and the reason for the joy of your family when you were born. Enough to those things you’re sick of doing mechanically, add some flavors and passion to create depth and deeper meaning. Love what you are doing and own what you are entitled of. Just like in the movie Lalaland, Mia said to Sebastian, “People love what other people are passionate about.” That is the time, other people would appreciate your identity and feel secured about yourself. It wouldn’t be easy to reach the top of the mountain and there would always be conflicts along the way. But always remember that it is not where you have gone that makes it great, it is the difficulty and endurance that they call as the climb. The emptiness is the space where no shape could fit it, because the only piece that would fit in was kept by you. We look fools as we’re trying to answer the same question over and over again. But the thing is, the answer is already in ourselves but we continue to disregard. The choice is in your hand. If you are looking for the answers, just get back from the start. Get back to the purpose of your life and get back to the real you.

3 thoughts on “Why you feel empty

  1. I see what you’re trying to convey here, Adrian. However, I do believe that the feeling of emptiness is inevitable. At some point in our lives, we’d all feel like a failure, somewhat unaccomplished or just plainly hollow. And I think that it happens because of our identity, too. It’s because we’re humans – we’re meant to feel and we’re not invincible from the feeling of emptiness. Nevertheless, i agree with you that when “that feeling” starts to hit on you, the best solution is to reach down to your very identity. God has given us such a bountiful and beautiful identity to start with. We are a many splendid thing and His Grace abounds in us!

    See? The feeling of emptiness is not so bad at all. Feeling empty leads us to wanting so much more than what is here and now. Feeling empty prepares our heart for a miracle. Feeling empty cleanses our eyes so we can see better just how wonderfully made are we. God bless you, brother! xx


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