Star City Manila Adventure

They are huge round and circles taking slow moments to go up or down to see great places into high perspective, they are called Ferris wheel.

img_8393 img_8394 img_8395

‘Twas just after our Manila Ocean Park adventure when we planned a trip to Star City. Another amusement park to enjoy and another catalyst to stir our adrenaline that once have been dormant for a long time. The last time I visited this place was in 2013, when we had our educational trip and where I won a ticket and admitted for free on the entrance. It was a crazy adventure because I was with my college friends. It was an awesome time to dare ourselves of the existing rides on the park. The most unforgettable ride we ever tried was the star Frisbee. It was really breath-taking moment when it tossed us for 90 degrees and it seemed that I lost my soul while I’m in the air. I can’t stop myself from screaming out loud and it was a hell of a ride. I can still recall when my classmate screamed to stop the ride, it was funny though, what would her scream/ begging appeal could do to stop the raging ride? LOL it was just so funny, but at the end of the 2-3 minute swing we almost survived the ride.

img_8384 img_8350 img_8390

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This time, I have different set of companions with me. I already know where to ride and what extreme rides that are really nonsense (forgive my words). On that day, we first rode the Surf dance. It was an amazing experience since I’ve never tried that once from my previous visit. The experience was exhausting. The feeling that the butterflies on your stomach are stirred and it seems that my intestines are now scrambled. Although it was tiring, still I rode there twice. The next stop was the horror house, LOL, I didn’t even understand why it’s called horror house. I was never frightened haha since what’s inside of the horror house were just mechanical figures of monsters that would move once your nearing them. Amazing. We also went to Time travel house, well this time it’s kind of trivial since we’re really going back to the time. The place were full of dinosaurs, tomb of king tot during the civilization years, the Greek mythology gods, the astronauts who landed first on the moon, the prototype computers and up to the present time. We were also warned not to take pictures inside, I don’t know why. But, really we were reprimanded because we’re caught red handed taking pictures and what we did was just to run and run away LOL. We also visited the mini pirate ship. It’s a ride where we are using boat and see pirate figures inside the cave. It was a replica and tableaux of a pirate adventure, their culture and at the same time what they’re doing on the ship. We really enjoyed there wanna know why? Because we were the cause of delay of the rowing ships. We’re blocking the way using our ship and until we found out that we were being watched on a CCTV LOL.

I have so many stories to tell on what we did there just to enjoy such adventure. But let me end this story with the most amazing experience I ever had there. It was the star flyer ride. It’s a kind of a mini roller coaster with a span of 30-second ride. All of your body parts are flipped up and down and you would only find out that after you screamed out loud, the ride has ended. It was a crazy ride because a lot of people were afraid to ride in there but the truth is, it’s even the safest ride of all, they’re just afraid of the coaster’s structure.  I went home wet because of the silly wild river water splash. I forgot to bring some spare clothes for it.


That day was a little bit exhausting, but I really enjoyed a lot. In the first place, I was admitted for free because of my two friends. Maybe I spent my money just for my food but nevertheless it was a no-cost happiness. Roller coaster, wagon or house of creepy creatures, all of these things would sum up into one common objective and that is to stir up adrenaline and at the same time give happiness and excitement to people coming in. All of those crazy stuffs we did were just peculiar moments the same of the Ferris wheel’s. We are slowly turning up and down with our emotions, but we ended up safe and sound. The circles of life won’t hurt us, they’re just there to add up fillings on our plain space. At the end of the day, it’s not about how many scars or accidents you get, but it how many times you made yourself happy because of your decisions made.


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