Manila Ocean Park Experience

You would learn that massive mountains and volcanoes are a little bit shallow until you discover the depths of the ocean’s secrets….

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75% of Earth’s surface is composed of bodies of water. No one knows what lies underneath. There may be sea monsters, myriads or even leviathans reigning their own kingdoms. But one thing’s for sure, minute plankton and huge whales do exist. Last time I was given a chance to tour around Manila Ocean Park and witness the splashy hydro-musical show coupled with fireworks at the end of it.

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This was a one of a kind experience  since I’m not just an ordinary tourist visiting the park. I have two friends, Raf and Joaquin who made my visit possible and extra-special since we’re on a VIP pass. For random facts, these guys are big time, they’ve got connections inside of Ocean park’s admin. Anyway, we started the tour watching  under the sea aquarium.  I saw a lot of fish species from fancy clown fish, angel fish, sword fish, tuna, milk fish, to giants long-name fishes and sting ray. I also had a chance to hold big starfish using my bare hands and they’re so slimy. At first I was hesitant because their skin texture seems to be like of leach’s. I’m afraid it might stick to my skin and suck my blood, but anyway I conquered my fears (Brave star unlocked). I also took some time to observe small eels, sea snakes and jelly fish. They were cute creatures,but I guess they’re dangerous.


This is why I told you we’re VIP (LOL) But seriously…Yes

After a little snack break, we went to feed birds, visit mice’s play area, ridiculing penguins and of course we never missed the bird show and the sea lion show.

One of the most unforgettable experiences in Manila Ocean park, I had the chance to take a picture with the sea lion, not only an ordinary picture but imagine, it kissed me on my cheeks (LOL). We also had a time to feed birds and they’re so adorable because they were not afraid of us. Imagine, They’re eating on the top of our bear hands.  We also went to see cute ratatouille the run quick and they’re squirming like yuck. Just kidding 😂. Manila Ocean park was not just for fishes and water living creatures, it is also a park where you can see great animals giving humans happiness and joy that cannot be quantified. Well spent vacation tho.

img_8015 img_8048 img_8121 img_8198

Ooops, the Ocean park experience wouldn’t be fun without this amazing hydro water show. Fantastic.

img_8292 img_8297

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