Davao City Audit Experience 2016

Dated December 3-11, 2016 I was deployed in Mindanao, somewhere in the most popular city in the Philippines, the Davao City. As an auditor, you get a chance to travel places when your clients are out of Manila area. I chose to become an external auditor of a well-known firm not because of the salary offer (of course it’s still pain in the neck every cutoff), but because of the travel experience and the advance training of becoming a well-equipped professional accountant.

The feeling of excitement and chills mixed when my senior told me that I will be the one to execute audit in Davao. Who would have thought about it? I was just contented around Manila area, but was given a break to prove my skills and competence as an experienced auditor. For me, I took it as a challenge for the opportunity would help me hone my self to pave my career and the same time develop my independence.  On a one week audit, I pushed myself to finish the tasks at hand in short period of time so that on the remaining idle time, I could use it to roam around the city and experience the locales’ culture.

The first stop was the airport, the feeling is different. It seems that I’m going back to the usual way of living that I have grown. Transportation is simple and no bumper to bumper traffic and any form of toxic that can be found in Manila.

img_6048  img_6050

img_6049  img_6269

I stayed on a hotel for six days. All expenses are paid and every morning I am scheduled for a buffet breakfast. The hotel’s amenities and facilities were superb and that was the first time I experienced a hotel life ever since. I was staying on a king-sized deluxe bed with full-blast air condition and a hot-bath shower. After I completed tasks at the end of the day, I take some walk around the commercial area to see food, cafes, cultures and great places to take pictures.

Ateneo de Davao University
Davao Night Market

On the last night of the stay, I felt a little sepanx (separation anxiety) because I’ll be going back to the city and my work-vacation is officially over. Although it was just a short time to visit Davao City, one thing for sure the experience that I would never forget. The late night selfies I take on a closet with great lighting, bisaya encounters because I was trying to pretend I’m also a Davaoueno. I understand their vernacular, but the moment I talk to them in their tongue, they would converse in tagalog and I was “woah, nice try bro. * with a little pat on my back*”

And the extra-special to my heart when I experienced their durian coffee. Their trademark coffee since Davao is the Durian capital of the Philippines. Durian is the most well-known stinky fruit ever grew on land. Another box on my checklist was ticked.


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