Cebu Audit Experience 2016

Dated December 15-22, 2016 just a couple of days after my Davao Trip, I was then scheduled for a Cebu audit trip. It was like a hangover from my previous ride, but then again I won a chance to travel back to the Queen City of the South- Cebu City. This time, I am not alone, but I was accompanied by my senior.

On the night of our trip, the feeling of nostalgia and excitement once again run through the cracks of my nerve. It was like “Wait, I got to prepare with this. I will be going back to the city no longer as a stressed being.” Just to share some thoughts, after I graduated Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Colegio San Agustin- Bacolod, I took my review class at University of San Jose-Recoletos which is based in Cebu City. I stayed there and studied review class for almost six months before takingΒ the October 2015 Licensure examination for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) which by God’s grace I passed on my first take. Anyway, going back to my story, I told myself that this is the chance to travel the city where I have enough money to spend and an ample time to take pictures around the city.

Every day, we are dining at hotel’s cafe on buffet. I guess this was the time where I really gained a lot of weight. Before I went to provinces for audit, I was kinda skinny, but now I’m really bulging. But anyway, I’m going to loose it next year (feeling determined). The hotel’s amenities and facilities were great. It was as good as the five-star hotel alone in Cebu City. Every time I work, I have no worries because our client was really submissive. They give us right away all of the documents and schedules we needed. Our work was just finished on time, and on the last day, we had a chance to go down town and bought some presents for our office-mate and families.

Of course, the saddest part of the trip is when our seven buffet stabs are becoming 3 pcs, the next day 2 pcs and on the last day 1 piece. This means that we have to bid goodbye to Cebu city and the hotel life now expires. I will never forget the days I stayed in that hotel for so many days. I spend nothing on the food and accommodation and also was treated as a VIP. Someday, or maybe the next audit I will be the one chosen to do fieldwork. (Really hoping so bad ) It was a worthwhile experience to unleash all of the stress at work. I love work-vacation experience like this.




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