Our deepest fear…


‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Twice I heard about this quote from two different movies. The second time I heard about this, I had goosebumps and it’s really something that affects me from within. It melts my emotion and at the same time it weakens my human nature. To dig deeper, our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. For me this entails vulnerability. Sometimes, we’re afraid to say that we are weak, we’re also afraid to say that we don’t know a thing. It’s because we think that saying ‘I am weak’ degrades our capabilities. So what we are doing is to assume all of the responsibility even if we can no longer carry what’s on our hands. We’re stuck on a sentence that says ‘I’m okay.’ although we’re not. Why can’t humanity accept defeat? why can’t a community accept failure and why can’t a family accept downfall? It is because we’re all raised on an environment that one has to stand out. That one has to make himself proud, but a shadow lies behind. We can no longer notice the fact that we, humans, have also weaknesses. We are prone to failure because we are imperfect. However, we still push on to the positive side and expect too much and when it turns up-side-down, we become exhausted and hopeless. The first phrase talked about weakness and a frank environment that taught us to be true to ourselves. Moving on the second phrase, “but our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” behind those scars that we continue to live with, there’s that giant sleeping within us. We have our own giants and we have our own skills. We were born with different capabilities and talents that no one could ever have. We judge ourselves based on the capabilities of others and not on the scale of our skills. We should bear in mind that every people we meet are different and so are we. Each one of us has the right key to unlock our potential and become the great person that we are destined to be.

Each day, we wake up with insecurity and discontentment without knowing that there are somebody who are also dying to be in our shoe. People never stopped from reaching things they don’t have. And people keep on searching for the answer on their purpose. Some people has something or someone taken for granted. It is because, we are focused on our far vision that we can no longer see what’s in front of us. The things that we have and the things that would maximize us. This maybe sad, but true.




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