Hanging out seesh with friends

Make sometime with people who knows you and your dreams really well. Anyway, meet my friends, Fritz, the one with a little bit shady and curly hair and Jose, the one with  eyeglasses. From college friendshits that we’ve been through. I don’t know what will happen next to the bond of friendship we have five to ten years from now. One us will be working somewhere far, one of us will focus on work and might as well one of us doesn’t know yet what to do. But let’s see.

These people who really knows how to adjust on my mood swings and talkshits, thank you. You might not be reading this, but I guess we’ll see each other soon. More than half a decade was really fun. And it was just like yesterday. We’re no longer little boys who yells when a booty poops passes by. We’re becoming man, and we’re learning that hoo haa’s will turn into sentiments. Spend time, Spend money, Spend efforts because when you grow old, you’ll look back and say, “I should have punch myself on those days.” Y’know the shameless nights and the shameless deeds we have done. haha spill me with this. yaiks.

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