Emotions like clouds

Emotions really play bad on my sunny day. Maybe because when something’s bothering I just ignore it for the meantime and not knowing they are now accumulating. I simply wanted to live in a happy way, but sad to say, we cannot depend our happiness to anybody. The feeling is like a sinking ship that’s gradually being swallowed by the profound mouth of the sea. The after effect of it are from huge wave, they turn into small waves and ends up on a ripple. Your emotions knows you very well. The soft spot that would melt your heart and the hard button to press your anger. I realized that they’re just the catalyst of the real you. At the end of it, you are the one whose going to decide on what side to take and what action to make. Like the clouds in the sky, kids would think that its a fluffy thing where you can slide and jump. But when they grew old, they would realize that everything’s just a lie or an exaggeration instead. Emotions do fade and emotions do change its shape. Just enjoy watching and knowing that they’re there to put some shade on the dull portrait of our lives.

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