Dad’s world buffet treat

Yesterday,it was the 5th of October 2016 when we went to eat at Dad’s world buffet. The moment we approached the entrance, it costed us for about P788 (18USD). I really don’t know if I can match the amount we paid to the food that I am going to eat.

We went there for dinner, I believe that my tummy is quite ready since the last time I ate before it was lunch time. Lots of people were roaming around to find their own tastes. As I took my plate, I went to see different cuisines from different parts of the world. I passed by Asian’s dishes where noodles are steamed, freshly fried tempura, shomai, ramen, soup, suishi, filipino food, and etc. I was hesitant to get something first, because I have to eat expensive food just to maximize its cost to compensate the entrance fee. I also passed by along the European dishes. Of course, I saw a lot of pastas, pizzas, cheese, bacon and garlic bread. A little pasta was laid down on my plate. After such, I went to see a lot more food from desserts, Lechon, barbecues, steaks and etc. Until those food occupied the spaces of my plate.

After we eat, there were live musicians roaming around and they would sing for you, from your requested song. I grabbed the opportunity to request Closer by chainsmokers and Tuloy pa rin ang buhay ko. It was an awesome experience. Although there are some food that I got disappointed, still it was a good experience. Money will just come and go, but experience will accumulate and become treasure of memories. Thanks to my cousin who paid all of our dine expenses.

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