Boracay 2016: Day 1

Boracay Island, Panay. Dated July 10-13, 2016 we went to the so-called white beach island of the Philippines which is known as the Boracay Isaland. The said island is best on preserving marine resources, white sand beach, and a fun night life on the sand. From Bacolod City, we rode on a fast craft (240 pesos per pax) going to Ilo-ilo. From Ilo-ilo, we rode on an express van travelling to Panay port going to Boracay island at an approximate fare of (450 pesos per pax). From port, we paid expenses such as environmental fee of 400, boat fare going to Boracay Island. On Boracay Island proper, we rode on a jeepney going to our hotel amounting to 200 pesos (chartered)

Day 1:

On our first day, we arrived at approximately during lunch time because of a long hour transportation. We rested for almost 2-3 hours on the hotel and waited for the scorching heat of the sun to fire out. After we gained our normal energy and mood, we went along the seashore of Boracay. Along station 1 and station 2, I had my first stare on the view of Boracay’s clear blue-green seas. Along the way, I’ve also met tourists of different countries. Most of them were Asians such as Koreans and Chinese. But I also met, Europeans and Americans wearing their bikinis and trunks and as well as their gaggles and snorkels.Β  As the darkness began to cover the clouds of the island, buffets were served along the seashore (Sea food, pasta, steak and wine) , party music started to beat and from where I stood, I was amaze by the way poy dancers execute their routines. It was a hell of a fire dancing skill indeed.



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    1. Thank you. πŸ˜€ I loved to see other blogger’s activities. It tours me to different people, cultures and backgrounds.


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