El Puerto Marina Beach-Resort

Lingayen,Pangasinan. El Puerto Marina is a beach-resort spot where you can stay whenever you’re in Lingayen. Dated June 24-26, 2016 SGV & Co. under CBV cluster went into a Summer outing and at the same time, team building. The event was filled with strenuous mind and body activities. On the first day, it started with four sets of group game. The sets of game include water balloon lifting, rope and a blindfold. The second day was indeed exhausting because we had the toughest Amazing race that consist of 10 stations with a maximum of 10 members. The Activity was great, the food and accommodation are sumptuous and the place is refreshing.

The most memorable place of the resort was the wave pool and the amusement slide. It was crazy and at the same time adrenaline booster. At an approximate budget of 4,000 (90 USD) you can experience the full-blast of summer.By the way, the resort has Kayak (free) and banana boat riding (3,000 maximum of 10 persons).

13 thoughts on “El Puerto Marina Beach-Resort

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    1. Thanks. It would be a great pleasure for me to hear people happy to browse my blog. Let’s continue celebrating life with gladness. 😀


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