La vie Parisienne, Cebu City

Gorordo St., Cebu City. It was an evening delight when the team went there for a classic dinner.We rode on a jeep since the La Vie Parisienne (restaurant) is just along the high way. As we reached the entrance, the atmosphere turned into a gala night. The purple neon lights mix with the dark sky and golden lights. La Vie Parisienne is known in Cebu City as the ‘off shoot’ of Paris (France); this is because of its classic set up and pristine aura. The cellar is field with varieties of imported wine from Kendall-Jackson, Cavit, Beringer Vineyard, Sutter Home and etc. sold at different prices. Bread and Pastries are laid on baskets that smelled like they were freshly baked from an oven. When we get in the resto, it seems like there’s an ongoing wedding maybe because of the waiter’s uniform and the set up of cocktail tables.

However, the place was considered to be a high maintenance resto. Food menus were really expensive. For just a two regular boxes of pizzas, we almost paid 1,600 (36 USD). It was just like paying for the place indeed. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the classic venue of La vie that it took us to Paris even just for a while. This place is best fit for a romantic date if you have deep pocket for an expensive treat.


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