Pangasinan Hundred Island- hopping

Alaminos, Pangasinan. It was eight in the morning when we hit the road heading north. From Bolinao (another city) we drove approximately an hour to reach Alaminos. Alaminos is a local town that is known for its archipelago structure. The town is situated at the edge of the Luzon’s island. The town has its own pride, the ‘Hundred Island’ this tourist destination has reached its popularity among its neighboring town until it became as a prominent landmark of Alaminos, Pangasinan.

As we reached Alaminos, we went to the port and transacted with the boat-men for a package of hundred island tour. The package is an exclusive trip using their ‘bangka’ the whole day. They will be waiting for us from one island to another island. The charter was indeed affordable at 1,800 pesos (40 USD). Trip tip: always bring with you your water proof protector of your phone or buy some water proof pouch at the port at 80 pesos (2 USD).

During the trip, we went to Governor’s island where you can see the top view of hundred island. After the first stop, we went to see the Anonymous island and it was a little bit exciting because instead of a wooden bridge, it was a floating container connected to another island (you might feel a little bit dizzy while crossing the sea). After that, we went to Marcos’ island. Marcos’ island is known for its underwater cave where you can jump off to it. It was an adrenaline-rush activity and I never missed to try the said activity. The said island is also rich in marine bios. with the help of life vest and snorkels, I went to see beautiful fishes underwater. I was also ecstatic when I had a glimpse to see a sea snake, that was a little bit dangerous, but it’s part of the marine ecosystem.

I can’t tell you all what we did in their because it’s an experience worth experiencing better that hearing stories about it.  All in all, the island hopping in an hundred island was superbly great and I will never forget those moments even if my sun burn will be fading soon. One thing I forgot to tell, check out for the crocodile island, turtle island, cathedral island and the bird’s island.


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