Patar: Pangasinan white sand beach

Bolinao, Pangasinan. Wednesday in the evening we went to Pangasinan for a 2-day province vacation.Summer board shorts, quick-dry shirts, camera, and extra clothes were packed in a small back pack. On Thursday morning, the cloud was fair and we hoped for the best weather for us to experience the taste of a hot beach. One hour from the town, we traveled all the way to Patar Beach, Bolinao. This beach is known for its white sand shore and affordable cottage hut rentals. For as low as P1,000 (22 USD) you can rent the cottage the whole day which is good for 10-15 person.The beach experience was indeed refreshing aside from the surprise drop of rain which lasted for a short time. There, where I experienced the salty rain (LoL, really?) since we’re swimming while the rain falls hard. The beach was somehow refreshing in a way that it is not crowded by tourists. No toxic-shirtless imps ramping along the shore, and to my surprise most of the tourists are kids with their families. I almost bathed in the sea for the entire day, since I didn’t worry for the ‘sun-kissed’ thing that people say. All in all the weather was a combination of a hot-sun and rain-cold atmosphere (probably cloudy). Coupled with our beach experience was the seafood galore. Bunch of large prawns, shrimps, barbecued fish, shells and iced drinks. The whole day experience at the beach was tiring, but I don’t care! (haha). It’s just cool to think that after a toxic environment in the city, we have the whole day to experience the refreshing and relaxing breeze of the lonely beach.

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