Tip-top, Cebu top

Lahug, Cebu City. After we visited an old church, we traveled up hill to see the top view of the city called Cebu Top. On the way to restaurant up hill, the road was getting roughly steep, but after all we’ve made it. Far from above, we viewed the city into another perspective. The entire buildings in the city looked like Lego houses built from a far. Aside from the view, the food was also affordable and of quality. There are six of us in the team, plus our driver, we made a contribution of 150 pesos (3.50 USD) each.

The atmosphere and temperature up hill was also superb. The wind blew cold and it was good to pair small talks over a fruit shake that only cost us 80 Pesos (1.80 USD).We ordered veggies and seafood and some sort of java rice. ‘Twas a good experience. If you’re looking
for affordable yet refreshing kind of an afternoon. Rest your eyes on a far view. We stayed their just for lunch and after that we moved to our next destination- The temple of Leah.

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