Coffee Prince

Osmena Blvd, Cebu City.  Coffee Prince is one of the finest cafes’ in the city. This cafe is somewhat unique because of its facilities and as well as its gimmicks inside. The cafe is famous of their lock-hearts gimmick. You can only avail a heart and a lock for every 500 pesos worth of purchase. You can write your name on a heart if ever you are with your love ones, you can also write your code names and then lock it outside among with those existing locks. The reason behind is just to show how relationships are valued and kept for a life time.

The setting of the cafe looks like a double-decker guest room. The atmosphere inside seems like a bed time. It’s really perfect to have hot milk and cookies for cold hours especially night time. It can be summarized like a pajama party. Menus available are the same menus that you can order from Starbucks or from Seattle’s Best. The price range remains to be the same.

If I have more time, I’ll visit this place again. I want to have an hot coffee session coupled with some good books to read. This makes a perfect match though.

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