Cebu Lechon

Ayala District, Cebu. One of the most finest cuisines of the region is the Cebu-chon.This is also known as the authentic lechon of Cebu. Lechon is the method on how the meat is  cooked. Basically, the pig is roasted like a barbecue using a bamboo pole on a controlled coal fire.The pig is rotated 360 degrees the entire time to cook the whole body. The outcome of the roasting method is the so-called Lechon. One of the most favorite characteristics of the lechon is the crispy skin and the tender meat inside. It tastes a little like salty but moreover it depends on how locals intend to flavor it.

Cebu-Chon is the most prominent restaurant in Cebu city serving the authentic Lechon. The price never seemed to be expensive although goodwill has already been established. It approximately costs at 500 pesos or  (12 USD) good for 4 -5 people.

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