I-Team goes Canyoneering

Badian, Cebu. From the salty experience in Oslob, we hit the road bound to Kawasan falls for the extreme canyoneering package. Badian was known for its rich underwater caves, solid rock formation, and the so-called ‘canyoneering activity’.’Canyoneering’ is an activity where tourist surges the underwater caves, jumping off the cliff, and overcoming obstacles of the narrow cave. This activity was designed to enhance individual’s stamina and to help others to conquer the fear of heights by jumping off the cliff. The jumping activity was not that dangerous since there are bodies of water supporting the pressure underneath.

Before we went to Badian, we already settled an appointment with our contact person. The contact will serve as our tour guide all through out the activity. The tour guide said that there would be 8 falls to slide and to jump.The height would range from 15 feet to 50 feet high. The last falls will be optional if you opt to jump or not, but the remaining falls are mandatory so that you would reach the other end of the cave.

The first jump was really scary, as you behold from above, you would confuse yourself to continue or not.Since we are a team, it calls for a one-for-all and all-for-one motto.It bolstered our confidence to jump until we finished the lapse. I can barely say that if you want to get into this activity, you should bring with you some food because the entire course was really long. It took us four to five hours of swimming, jumping and trekking (20 km)  to reach the final stage. We only brought with us our GoPro, but we forgot to bring some food. We’re just so lucky, because while on our way, there was a group of enthusiasts who gave us bananas to fill in our stomach.

The overall extreme activity was worth it. With just a thousand peso or approximately 27 USD, you would enjoy the course and at the same time you will never forget how your adrenaline rushes up and down. Trust me, this was so amazing!

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