Day 3 : Looking back

Pasay City, Metro Manila. 11:30 p.m. I started my work out training for 30 minutes. Before I thought of working out, I was kind of lazy since it’s already time togo to sleep and my stomach’s still full. But then again, I remembered how I started this challenge.

The 10-Day fitness challenge would be this hard since it entails discipline and endurance, because the first day you would be on fire, but on the latter days you would suck on your bed lying and doing nothing. So I convinced myself to get up and feel pain for 30 minutes and look, I made the 3rd day challenge. I did three sets of 5 bar pull ups (since I’m just a beginner in there), 20 deep push ups, 15 bur pees and 15 squats with 50 kg weights on shoulders. I guess, at the end everything will be worth it because I feel good to perspire. I release toxic and stress.

Looking back from where you started will always help you to find good reasons to continue. What’s ahead is lies on your performance beforehand. Just keep going, laid backs are normal. As you can see, narrow road seems to be rough. However, it teaches us to cope.

Tomorrow, I challenge myself not to eat sweets and junk foods. I swear! because I’m always tempted.

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