Fuente, Cebu city. Brunch it was when we planned out to eat at Larsian’s. This place is where barbecue stands of different owners are situated. As we entered the gate, we wereย entertained by several sales representative of each stalls. It almost took us a while to decide because most of them are experts at persuading customers. We chose different barbecue menus from their list. These are from sea foods such as clams, shells, oysters, large tuna and fishes. They also have chicken meat of different parts such as wings, tights, drum sticks and breasts. Aside from those choices, they also have intestines, betamax, and everything you can’t imagine that can be eating as part of the chicken’s anatomy. And also we didn’t miss to try the “PUSO” rice of the region.

It was pretty little like the dirty food, but as people say,sometimes you need to eat one of those. Ha ha! although it was risky, still every thing went fine and we’re all cool. Yes, nothing bad happened. We’ve just enjoyed eating at a cheap price.



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