Sky Adventure!

Fuente, Cebu City. 4:00 pm we hit the road for our next adventure. The sun is preparing to sink and dark clouds slowly dominating the sky. This adrenaline-spree activity is situated on the 13th floor of the building. There are two activities offered: one is the side-coaster and the other is the sky walk. The sky-coaster revolves around the the building and it tilts for 180 degrees. From there you can see the entire view of the modern city. Buildings are becoming match boxes and people walking looks like pin head. This only cost for almost 1500 pesos (33 USD) including the buffet after the said activity.

Personally, this is one of the most crucial extreme activity I have ever tried. At the first place, my greatest fear is heights. I scared me so much that I screamed for a second.As the machine starts to sound, butterflies in my stomach are starting to fight back they’re loosing control and it crumples me. Then the machine moved forward, I screamed all the fears I have out loud and thank God! the butterflies are out. After the side-coaster I wished I can ride again. It was all worth it.

The next up was the the side-walk. The twist in this activity is that you would walk on the fiber glass with just a rope clutched on you. The fiber glass is situated beside the building and if you look down under, you would see the small cars rushing. And if you just looked at that perspective, you would imagine yourself jumping off the building! nnooooooooohhhh!! I am afraid to die!!! My heart pumped the entire course of walk and it was so stressful for Β me who have phobia on heights. The same from the first stop, the regret was at the end. I wished I ran and didn’t think of impossibilities.

After the said activities, my tummy went full because we ate on a buffet and really, there lots of sweets and sea food which I really loved to eat. Cheat day! No diet!! nyay!!

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3 thoughts on “Sky Adventure!

  1. Looks terrifying! One of my daughters repelled down a tall sky scraper last year! She said it was only scary when she was half way down because she looked down and realized how high up she actually was when she saw that she was still above the building across from her and it was pretty tall too!


  2. Yes! I was also terrified at first. Eventually it went gone because I have friends who share the same fear that I have. Haha, Sky scraper is really terrible! I hope I can try that soon. πŸ˜€


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