Oslob, Cebu City Whale watching

OSLOB, Cebu City. Sunday it is when we woke up for as early as 3:00 am to hit the road going to Oslob for whale watching.It was a long-hour drive when we arrived there at almost 6:30 in the morning. It was not that  easy that if you’re already in there, you can’t swim right away. Nearing to a thousand tourists were also waiting for their turn to dive into water. So we waited almost an hour for the boat. But anyway, the wait wasn’t in vain because everything was worth it. Who would imagine that the giant fish is getting near you, but doesn’t eat you alive?  One thing I also learned, that a giant fish eats anchovies. That was surprising!

The whale watching trip will be tough if you don’t know how to swim because you have to hold the bamboos and go with the splashes and waves of the sea. Water check: It was very salty… ughh!! Overall, for a 700-peso package (15 USD) you can enjoy the good tide, the whale and the expeirience with the help of any underwater camera!

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