Fitness Challenge

Challenge Accepted!

This first post will become the starting milestone of this blog. It’s just like a ribbon cutting on a newly opened shop. To make it great and explosive, I’m going to open it with a game. The game is called Fitness Fist Challenge .The mechanics of the game is simple, players will be having a 10 days do-it-yourself training. The training will consist of different exercise routines daily, the player will take a picture on the first day and up to the 1oth day.

This will become a good head start. You are not alone inΒ this program, supplementary routines, cardio activities and diet monitoring will be posted. This one is going to be tough and painful, but as long as the persistence and industry never fails, the gain is going to be worth it.

Personally, to monitor my development, I will make this blog as a diary and testament of my gradual changes. This would help me to be more motivated and at the same time encouraged of the developments. You can also send us your pictures and captions. This will be great and feisty.

I, now officially declare: Ready, get set and…. GO!!!

[Credits to Google on the Crimson Fist Photo]

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