Day 2 : Unleash the beast

Romans 10:17  

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.(KJV)

Pasay City, Metro Manila. I quoted this bible verse because what I am going to share is about faith. We started our work out training exactly at 11:30 p.m.  at first I am confident to finish the three sets since I’ve been doing this several times. As we started our warm up with crawl on the basketball court back ‘n fort, and 20 push ups, it seems that my head felt a little dizziness. After the first set of 10x bars pull up, 12 bur-pee, 12 ultimate medicine ball catch, 12 smashes of soft medicine ball, 15 planks on swiss ball, 12 squats holding 50 kg of weight and, pushing a trucktor’s  tire with 5o kg weights. My world turned around like I want to throw up and get fainted. But I convinced myself not  to give up. My goal is to finish the sets although not that fast as my companions. Every time I finish one execution, I sit on a chair and rest for a couple or three minutes and then back on the track. I was glad because I finished three sets only by faith. Faith that given the facts I cannot make it, still I believed that I can make it through the pain.

Now, while I am writing this, I am cooling down. Remembering the challenges I succeed before. In every challenge, faith is needed. The faith that would bolster your self esteem to push harder. Even if the obstacle tells you that it is impossible, once you have faith bigger that is bigger than your fear, something good will happen. Best things happen.


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